It’s been three years since the devastating earthquake hit Christchurch on February 22, 2011. I drive into Christchurch maybe twice a month and, driving around, the destruction is still evident. There are buildings with their interiors well-exposed; a theatre cut in half with the cinema seats open to the weather; rubble here and there.

But there are also signs of a fresh start and one of the signs is the many cafes opening up. C4 has become a favourite and, if you’re visiting Christchurch, this is the place to get a great coffee (278 Tuam Street). To be honest, I don’t know if they were around before the earthquake as we had only recently arrived in New Zealand and weren’t that familiar with the city.

At the moment, there’s serious roadworks going on outside C4 but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone from entering the cavernous space. Inside is a specialist coffee roasting company where you can buy from a number of blends (my fav being Headset). When we go to buy a kilo of coffee, we can watch it being roasted but usually we head to the cafe and I order a cappuccino with almond and white chocolate biscotti, yummo!


Ordering at the cafe.


Many coffee blends to choose from.


El Hubs waits for his coffee to be roasted.


Cavernous interior.


The coffee they use in-house is Krank. This day I had TWO biscotti.


Cute touch – the spoon that came with my coffee was a commemorative one for the 1987 America’s Cup.


Entrance to C4. You can sit on funky couches inside, as well as stools and chairs.