Two totally unrelated things to bring you today. I was telling you that Christchurch still shows very obvious signs of damage wrought by the powerful earthquake of 2011. There are pockets of rebuild; some new flashy buildings; or scaffolding around old buildings, presumably an attempt to restore.

I stopped at a traffic light – I think on Tuam Street – and spotted a lovely vintage advertisement on the side of some old building. A sign on the fence surrounding this building and the vacant lot next to it says Portobello Antiques. I think I vaguely remember going into this Antique shop when first arriving in Christchurch. If I’m right, we went in to discuss how my grandmother’s 1880-something chair could be restored after basically being destroyed by the international removalists. Actually, I found some photos of the Portobello Antiques shop after the earthquake wreaked havoc – I do recognise the facade so I think it is the place we visited.

Anyway. I really love the fabulous vintage advertisement for Polson’s Decorators and Signwriters that (I presume) has been exposed since the quake. Pity it was a cloudy day as the pinky red colouring is brighter than it appears in the photo below. I know that there is some sort of photographic project going on that has been documenting all the stuff revealed by earthquake damage. I’m hoping that this great wall advertisement has been recorded as I’d say the building it’s attached to is earmarked for demolition.

I had to laugh at the other curious thing I saw recently in a supermarket in Christchurch. The fruit section proudly displayed a sign saying Kiwifruit – Product of Italy. Kiwifruit is (in New Zealander’s eyes) synonymous with New Zealand despite not being native to this country. Seeds were brought from China to NZ in the early 1900s by a school principal but what I didn’t know until arriving in New Zealand was that Italy is the largest kiwifruit producing country. Coming from Australia, you tend to think of kiwifruit as being a New Zealand product.

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