I am working with a technology company in Christchurch. Well, they’re doing the work; not me. I’m having a website built, so I need to visit them weekly. As I was on my way into their offices in a new funky building, I caught sight of……well, let’s just say I thought I was back in the 1980s.

I have to admit I’m incredibly old. I was around in the 1980s. Yep, sad decade for fashion that it was. But the exciting thing about the 80s was that it was the dawn of the technology revolution. We had the Sony Walkman (aka portable audio cassette player) and you carried around a pencil with the Walkman to slowly (and very carefully) untangle the tape. The tape would get stuck or tangled if you rewound with haste or fast-forwarded a little too fast. I was distraught when I lost one of my fav 80’s songs: Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.

I checked out the song on YouTube to refresh my memory. OMG. The fashion. How tragic. I had such a crush on the lead singer, Jim Kerr, but what’s with the high-waisted trousers and baggy attire? Yeah, the 80s.

Where was I? Oh, back in the technology company office. There it was  – the very first computer I ever used in my very first job.


It was an Apple computer and, to tell you the truth, I’ve used Apple Mac computers ever since. The law firms I worked in had Macs and I’ve had many Mac laptops (currently a MacBook Pro). I’ve had a few jobs where I’ve needed to use PCs but, heck, they are no match for an Apple.

I thought the computer was an Apple IIE but, looking at photos of old Macs, I don’t think so. The Apple website refers to the computer as the original 1984 Macintosh and what I most remember about it was the smiley face that greeted you on start-up. I think it was called the Apple Macintosh Plus and I had to teach myself how to use it. My job was personal assistant to a child psychiatrist and he used to dictate documents whilst standing behind me. He had no idea how to use the Mac and marvelled at my ability to use this new-fangled invention hahaha!

I loved the square box-shape of this computer and all the noises it made. I even liked (now that I think about it) the rather sad beige colour of the computer. I remember thinking how futuristic the trash can icon was and was stunned that you could drag documents into trash. And then of course there was the floppy disk drive. No cloud computing or USB sticks back then. You lugged around 3½-inch floppies if you wanted to share documents with people. I think this computer had a handle on the top so you could carry it – not that I ever did. I would think it would have been quite heavy in comparison to say the MacBook Air that we have now.

But you know the Mac computer I loved the most? It was the iMac G3. I was working in a law firm in the late 1990s and we had these brightly-coloured Macs with a translucent, plastic shell. We were able to put in a request for the colour we wanted and I chose the Grape colour.


The other Mac I loved is the iMac G4 with its distinctive round base and adjustable arm. I’ve been told this antique Apple may prove to be valuable (yeah, what 100 years from now?). Apparently, it is considered one of the more unique personal computers of the early 2000s. I still have my G4 sitting around. I think it was called The Sunflower.

In fact, we have a whole lot of antique Apples – maybe we should open up an Old Apple Computers museum LOL.