As we know, Zsa Zsa is a mighty huntress. She loves nothing better than spending HOURS in the hay barn, searching for pesky barn mice. I’ve only ever seen one or two but, the way Zsa Zsa turns her head this way and that, listening for the scurrying of barn mice, you’d think there was a whole city of the little critters underneath all the hay. Oh wait: maybe that IS the case LOL.

She’s now taken to half-burying herself in a bale of hay in her attempts to catch mice. The little diva dog can spend five or more minutes with her head and shoulders completely buried in the hay. During this time, she doesn’t move one inch. And then, all of a sudden, she starts digging furiously. Hay straws fly everywhere and Zeph usually appears from nowhere to get in on the action.

Last weekend, New Zealand was hit by Cyclone Lusi. Well, the North Island; not so much the South Island. But it did mean that most of the weekend was spent indoors due to incessant rain. Not Zsa Zsa though – she was in the hay barn doing what she most loves.