The other day, my friend Stephanie visited and Zeph decided to get into her car. He HATES getting in our car but Stephanie’s car is an Aladin’s Cave for him. Firstly, it smells of her five Pointers – usually one of her females has been sitting in the passenger seat. Secondly, the passenger seat usually boasts a selection of fluffy, cuddly toys.

Zeph still thinks he’s a puppy so he rushed into her car and “stole” a toy reindeer. We both thought it was so cute – he exited the car with a brown soft toy in his mouth. Normally, Stephanie would just give it to him but this reindeer forms part of her Christmas float – she appears in the local Santa parade with her dogs. Sadly, Zeph had to give it back.

But over the weekend, Stephanie arrived with three fluffy, soft toys for Zeph – a grey elephant, a brown kangaroo with a yellow vest and a camel-coloured lion. She left them on the front seat of her car so Zeph could jump in and make his selection. Zsa Zsa wasn’t going to be left out but we made sure Zeph had first dibs.

His selection? The kangaroo. He was wagging his tail furiously as he took off towards the house with his new toy. It was a rainy weekend, so the dogs spent many hours playing inside with the new toys. The Pointinator destroyed the grey elephant within about one hour. She thrashes and bashes any soft toy to death.

Zeph kept the kangaroo to himself but then there was a stand-off over the lion. Zsa Zsa claimed it and growled at Zeph if he tried to approach. Too funny! The little diva dog gathered up both the lion and elephant toys into her mouth and took them off to bed with her.

Over the last couple of days, both dogs have been guarding or playing with their toys. Even though they are both three years old now, they are still puppies at heart.


Zeph poses with the grey elephant before The Pointinator destroyed it.


Little Zsa Zsa guards her new toy lion. Because it was a rainy day, she also had her pink moose blanket that I bought for her in Sweden.


Zeph rushes towards the house after selecting the toy kangaroo.


Zeph was allowed to select a toy from the passenger seat of the car. Zsa Zsa tried to get to the toys first!


After an exhausting day of playing with new toys, Zeph sits on top of the haystack and gazes at the landscape.