I mentioned that I’d been overseas – yep, a quick trip to Hong Kong and Indonesia. In Hong Kong, I spoke at a conference and gave a tutorial for my students at one of the Universities there; but why Indonesia?

Well, I’m setting up a company and establishing a brand. Always wanted to do this and I will be able to reveal more over the coming months. No, it has nothing to do with makeup (sadly!).

I’m currently applying for trademarks, meeting with marketing people in Christchurch and so on. So this is why I was in Indonesia – sourcing products and meeting with people I’ll be working with. This is just one of the countries I’m busy sourcing things in; I’ve already sourced great stuff in Bhutan and Borneo (the part that belongs to Indonesia, which is Kalimantan). Once I know the trademarks are through and the brand and logo is ready to go – you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, since arriving back a week ago, it’s been nothing but boring, rainy days. So much rain that the property has flooded. Miss Rosie and Danny are currently living in the arena. I was worried they would end up with mud fever. The arena at least provides them with a drier environment. Karma and Saffy are doing okay in the paddock though. Because they’re smaller horses they can shelter under the macrocarpa. I’ve only managed to ride Karma twice due to the rain.

SO OVER IT. This is when I seriously contemplate a move back to Sydney. The Royals (aka Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and baby Prince George) have just completed a three-week tour of New Zealand. Most photos of the stunning Duchess show her clutching an umbrella and under grey, drizzling skies. Then the Royals hotfoot it to Sydney and I see a photo that really tugged at my heart – the Duchess in a glorious canary yellow dress under a sunny blue sky and with the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. Ah…Sydney.


The stream that runs through our property is swollen from bucketing rain and getting near to the house and carport.