So I hope you had a great Easter. Mine was so so. Firstly, my MacBook Pro had to go off for upgrade and to find out why it was running a bit slow (turns out that the Mac Cleaner programme can slow your computer down: who knew). So that meant a few days without a laptop.

Then along came Easter and I was caught up in the whole chocolate eggs and hot cross buns thing. Straight after Easter, I managed to get some virus that has laid me out for the best part of a week. Blocked nose, rattling chest cough, sore throat, dull head. Yeah, great.

Since contracting viral pneumonia from an airline flight to Portugal back in 2003 (courtesy of the aircon system), I am more susceptible to colds and flu. Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2010, I might get three or four colds a year because I was always amongst people and their germs – on trains, at work, shopping centres. Living in rural NZ means a lot less exposure to germs and so I don’t get as many colds despite the colder weather here.

I guess some person sneezed on me or I touched some germ-laden surface. Who knows. I don’t want you to think I’m germ-phobic; I’m not at all. But….because of the whole pneumonia thing, I am careful during cold and flu season. I haven’t had much energy to blog frankly but am feeling better this week.

The weather is pretty ghastly too – rains for days, then maybe a couple of days with no rain (and a possible peak of Sun), followed by more rain. A devastating storm hit the West Coast over Easter and I think this was the tail end of tropical Cyclone Ita, which bombarded the north Queensland (Australia) coast. People on the West Coast experienced what we did last October – roaring winds, huge trees toppling over, flooding and damage to property.

It’s also been getting colder. Normally, I don’t mind that but, with this nasty cold, I’m running around rugged up and looking like the Michelin man. I decided it was time to bust out Zeph and Zsa’s Zsa’a winter coats. They have a selection of fleecy blankets to choose from when it comes to lounging around and snoozing, but I bought them coats a couple of years ago for when they go out in the cold air.

I noticed little ZZ was shivering the other morning when we went outside, so both dogs are now wearing their winter coats. Zeph looks very stylish don’t you think?