Last few days have been crap weather. In fact, now that I think about it, we had a crap Summer and Autumn. Rain and more rain. The paddocks are so muddy the horses are mud-skating – is there such a sport? Miss Rosie seems determined to gallop around the race. She’s now had four sessions of equine laser therapy for her shoulder and dropped a lot of weight. Presumably, she feels super-energetic and so insists on galloping and sliding in the mud.

Having two young and very active English Pointers on my hands is boundary-pushing believe me! Zeph LOVES to go out in the rain, run around like a lunatic and bark. Then he comes back in with wet fur and muddy paws. This is a recipe for disaster because he tries to dry himself against the furniture. He usually doesn’t get this far though because we have towels on the back verandah and dry the dogs off before they are remotely allowed in the house.

Miss Diva Dog, Zsa Zsa, is not a fan of the rain or cold weather. When she gets up in the morning after a comfy night’s sleep, one of her first tasks (after a good breakfast of course) is to look out the large window in the living room. You can see her contemplating – is it worth going out? Will my delicate paws get wet? She usually decides it’s not her style to run around in the rain and she soon settles down and snoozes under one of her warm, fleecy blankets.

Once Zeph decides to come inside for awhile to get warm and dry, he first of all does the “stare out the window” thing. I guess he’s contemplating what fun it was outside, running and barking in the rain. So he counts down the minutes until he can repeat the whole thing.

English Pointers, sheesh!


Zsa Zsa contemplates whether it’s worth going outside and getting her hair wet hahaha!


Zeph is back inside after running around in the rain – you can see his fur is still wet.