Fell off didn’t I. The first time I’ve fallen off a horse! It had to happen some time. The law of averages says that if you ride horses (aka powerful animals who think things are out to eat them up), eventually you will take a tumble.

In fact, I’ve been told I need to ride “cowboy style” (whatever that means) and fall off seven times before I can claim to be able to ride a horse. Oh, yeah great.

So this is what happened. Karma and I were riding in the arena. A friend of mine popped over to ride Danny and exercise Miss Rosie, who has a shoulder injury and is having equine laser therapy (and improving). Normally, Karma and I fall in behind Danny and Rosie and we all go round and round the arena.

I always anticipate that Karma might speed up in her haste to get to her BFF, Miss Rosie. This time, she showed no signs of wanting to do so and we were both coming around a corner of the arena when Karma decided to basically bolt. For no particular reason. There was nothing that scared her – no suspicious-looking sheep in the macrocarpa; no trees waving in the wind. It was a calm, bright, sunny day.

As we were rounding the corner, I could feel a change in Karma and knew something was up. I shortened the reins more but the speed at which she bolted threw me to the left and….off I went. It was that whole slow motion thing – I knew I was in the air and I was contemplating how I was going to land. The arena is soft river run sand but it’s still hard ground you’re crashing into.

I ALWAYS ride with a helmet. Many people here in New Zealand don’t and I think that’s just plain crazy. I landed on my left side and knocked the wind out of my stupid self. Karma halted and looked round like she was saying “hey, why aren’t you with me I’m off to see Danny”.

She then went to Danny and he flattened his ears and tried to bite her. It was like he knew she had dumped me because Danny normally doesn’t act this way. My friend rushed over but I didn’t think anything was broken. I dusted myself off, retrieved Karma and got back on. We spent another ten minutes or so riding.

Well, I might not have broken anything but sheesh – who knew ribs could hurt so much! Basically, every movement you do involves friggin’ ribs. Bending down, coughing, turning. I popped an anti-inflammatory and have been nursing my left side and ribs for the last few days.

I reconciled with Karma. In the paddock, she came up to me and put her head on my chest. I recreated the whole incident for us both and pointed to the arena saying “that’s where you dumped me; what the?”. I don’t think she really understood hahaha! But it wasn’t her fault anyway. Horses are horses. Unpredictable and flighty. You might think you have control but it takes just one moment and wham, you get up close and personal with the ground!


Well, Karma wasn’t actually stopping – she was bolting – but I had the same view as Karma stood over me.