I was watching the Badminton Horse Trials (UK) the other day. Even the most experienced of riders fall off horses and it seemed there was spill after spill at Badminton. My own riding instructor came off her horse in spectacular fashion a little while ago and she’s been riding for years. That’s the nature of riding…..no matter how good you are as a rider, the horse is an unpredictable animal and somewhere, somehow you’re bound to come off. I’ve never met a single person who rides that hasn’t taken a tumble or two.

A couple of weeks back, I flew off one of my horses. Well, wasn’t THAT dramatic but I did smack my left rib cage in pretty good fashion. So much so that I spent the first few days not really able to sleep properly and if I coughed…ouch!

Thinking about it, I was pretty certain that it was inflammation of the muscles and cartilage around the ribs. And what is good for inflammation? Turmeric. In fact, turmeric has AMAZING health benefits that you can read about here.

I make up turmeric treats for my horses and dogs so I thought I’d give it a go. Fortunately, turmeric is a spice I’m partial to – it reminds me of a cross between orange and ginger with a bit of spicy pepper thrown in. Just as well I like it because I downed it three times a day – one teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a few grinds of black pepper. Why add black pepper? Black pepper contains piperine and this boosts by 1,000 times turmeric’s bioavailability (the rate at which it is absorbed by the body).  Mix it all up with a little water; enough to make it drinkable rather than just a paste. Then scoff it fast; in one gulp. Do this three times per day. Turmeric is completely safe, although I always say check with your doctor (especially pregnant women).

Don’t swan down to the supermarket and buy any old turmeric from the spice shelf. You’ll need to go to a health food shop and obtain the very best quality turmeric.

Within 24 hours, my left side was almost back to normal. No more pain when bending or lying down. After three days, no pain or tenderness. A wonder spice for sure!

I also used another miracle product – Zen Pain Relief Herbal Liniment by Martin & Pleasance (Aussie company founded in 1855). The Zen spray is chock full of ingredients with pain-relieving properties such as Arnica and Angelica. These ingredients are also anti-inflammatory. Spray the affected area and within seconds it acts to numb the pain. Combined with the turmeric, I healed pretty quickly.

I’m actually planning to take the turmeric/pepper combination daily. Just once a day rather than three times. Taking turmeric regularly may help to offset Alzheimer’s disease, which begins as an inflammatory process in the brain and turmeric also possibly has anti-cancer properties. Heck, it can’t hurt so I’m taking it.


Just mix one teaspoon of turmeric with a few grinds of black pepper – then add enough water so you can drink it.


Miracle spray!