Zeph would like to show you what a good boy he is. In the middle photo below, Zeph poses on the outdoor mosaic table and in the master bedroom. You see anything wrong here?

Regular readers know of the ongoing battle Zeph and I have over the outdoor table. He adores that table. He uses it as a sunbaking platform or to just chill and look out over the landscape. As you do. As for our master bedroom, Zeph and Zsa Zsa know they are not allowed in this room but somehow they manage to miraculously appear there. Little diva dog, Zsa Zsa, was recently caught looking innocent on the Australian carpet, which is in the master bedroom.

Now Zeph has taken to sitting and posing whenever I come across him lying on the mosaic table or snoozing in our bedroom. He quickly adopts this “I’m a very good boy, really I am” pose. I’m supposed to believe that he hasn’t been lying on the mosaic table or the Australian carpet. I’m supposed to believe he’s been sitting in a rigid pose for hours hahaha!

The other day though, I did find Zeph exactly where he is supposed to be – on his pet bed, outside in the sun.


I haven’t really been lying on the Australian carpet. Nope, I’ve been sitting here like a good boy.


I haven’t really been lying on the mosaic table. Nope, I’m a very good boy!


You see? I’m such a good boy, sitting on my pet bed in the sun.