Saffy is quite the young lady these days. She is now 2.5 years old and has begun ground work in earnest. She is a very fast learner and has the most wonderful nature. I call her my horse angel. Saffy has quite a different temperament from her mum, Karma. Both Karma and Saffy are pretty chilled but Saffy is almost the proverbial bomb proof pony.

The other day, I was trimming her hooves in high winds. When we started up at the stables, the weather was calm. Then literally, out of nowhere, high gusts of wind came along. Saffy’s mane was flying this way and that but she was not one bit fazed. She lifts her back hooves up for me on command and practically nods off to sleep as I do her pedicure!

Cathy comes out from Christchurch to visit regularly and was working with Saffy in the arena the other day. One thing Saffy doesn’t quite have the hang of yet is coming to a stop. She keeps coming towards you because she is so eager to get her cuddles. But we’re working on it. We’re also working on human/horse space. Because she so loves human companionship, Saffy often asks: What is this human space that you speak of? LOL.

I guess because I handled Saffy from the moment she was born – literally – she and I have a very close bond. I have thrown tarpaulins over her, rattled plastic bags in front of her and rubbed her all over with a broom. All these actions have been intended to build her confidence so she knows she can handle unexpected situations. She is a pretty fearless pony – oh, and a horse angel.


Saffy doing some groundwork with Cathy.