Everybody loves Karma. And why not? She’s a gorgeous chestnut mare with a kind disposition. Okay, she’s a Welsh mountain pony (alternative names being Welsh Cob and Welsh Pony of Cob type) and this means she can sometimes be a bit stubborn. But this breed is known for its disposition, hardiness and intelligence.

I’ve come to learn that of all my horses, Karma is the smartest. Actually, I take that back – her daughter, Saffy, is super-smart and I think will eclipse her mother when it comes to schooling. Karma likes nothing better than lounging around in the paddock but, when it comes to work, she’s all for it.

Recently, a young girl has been learning to ride on Karma, who seems to particularly like children. She’s very gentle and affectionate with Stacey, who is nine years old. Cathy was visiting yesterday and helped out. She’s an excellent dressage rider so is well-equipped to show Stacey how to ride. Marty came along with Cathy as always and Zeph was super-happy that his BFF was spending Sunday with us. In fact, both Zeph and Zsa Zsa were conked out by 6.00pm after a wild day of dog play!

We started off by grooming Karma and checking her hooves. She enjoyed standing in the sun whilst we fussed around her. Then we had a quick revision of how to halter a horse; how to walk safely with a horse and enter an arena; and how to mount a horse. After the lesson, Cathy rode Karma bare back and then Zeph decided it was time to smooch with Cathy. Zeph is particularly fond of Cathy – mind you, Zeph just likes to be admired because he is Zephilicious hahaha.

I particularly like Sundays as it’s the day when people come to the property and it becomes horse and dog central. You will usually find Karma right in the midst of things because this mare loves attention just as much as Zeph.


Stacey with Karma.


Zeph gets some smooch time with Cathy.


Cathy has a ride on Karma.


Stacey’s younger sister watches, along with Marty.


Cathy helps Stacey learn how to ride.


Karma says Hi.