It’s been raining a lot recently. Aside from this, I’ve been sidetracked by work from Rome and this has led to a lack of posts. Not much happening anyway because of the rain. We’re now into our third day of crap weather with another four days forecast. The horses are sheltering under trees and the cows are toughing it out, standing smack bang in the middle of a large paddock. Mud is everywhere.

Oh…I think I forgot to tell you – our goat family has left us and gone to live on a nearby goat farm. As much as we loved Mabel and her goat babies, we felt they would be better off on a goat farm with lots of other goats for company. The farm produces goat milk products so who knows what Mabel is up to these days.

So when it rains, the animals are a bit miserable. But the horses now have the goat shelter, which is a pretty large shed-type construction. Karma and Saffy can easily fit inside, whilst Miss Rosie and Danny have to bend their heads to get in. But once inside, there’s plenty of roof space for Miss Rosie. The horses seem to love this shelter.

Meanwhile, Zeph and Zsa Zsa stay inside when it’s raining a lot. And where do you find them? Under blankets of course. When I was in Stockholm in 2012 for work, I bought them each a Moz Fleece Elk Blanket – Zeph’s is a manly black and white; whilst Zsa Zsa’s is pink and black. These are now very used, much-loved blankets and the dogs have been spending their lazy days snug and warm wrapped up in them.


Zeph’s paw sticking out from under his blanket.


And Zsa Zsa’s paw. Too cute!