Well people: I’m so busy these days, I have less time to blog. Aside from my ongoing consulting with my Italian colleagues (which I can do based in NZ), I also work part-time now in a local shop and I’m setting up my own business. On top of this, I have Zeph and Zsa Zsa to look after and the horses to exercise or ride.

And speaking of the horses. We are heading to the dead of Winter and, in fact, the Winter Solstice will occur on June 21. This marks the longest night of the year and, after this, it’s an upward climb to Spring and Summer yeah! It is getting dark now at around 5.20pm and it’s fully light in the morning only at around 8.00am or so.

I’m usually up anywhere between 6.00am and 7.00am and spend time in the kitchen preparing everyone’s breakfast. When I look out the kitchen window, without fail, there are my horses looking in. I am convinced they know I’m inside the house and they are trying to get my attention. I’d love to say that’s because they want to say Good Morning but, nah, I think it’s because they want their hay.

And so I trundle outside to say hello to them. I am met with soft neighs as I am greeted in return. Saffy hasn’t quite figured out the morning neigh thing though. She just stares at me, as if willing me to move faster to the hay barn LOL.


How many horses can you see?