Remember Zeph’s daughter, Maybe? I last saw her in January when she was just a few weeks old. She was the only surviving puppy from a litter of five – very sad. Zeph and Zsa Zsa go to puppy day care once a week. Yes, I know: they’re not puppies anymore but let’s not tell them LOL.

Actually, I take them to socialise and so Zeph can visit his mum and his brother and sister. Well, it’s more of a brawl when Zeph and his brother meet because they are both dominant males with their bits still intact. When we need to go away, the kennels are just like a second home for Zeph and Zsa Zsa. But for some odd reason, I just didn’t see Maybe over the last few months when I dropped off the dogs.

I had a bit of spare time the other day when I was picking the Z team up (as they are called at the kennels). So I asked to see Maybe. What a shock dear reader. She came bounding towards me at full speed and nearly knocked me flying. Talk about an enthusiastic puppy! It was love at first sight for me. I could see Zeph’s face and expression in her eyes. She licked my hands and was just so happy. The other thing that struck me is how very like Zsa Zsa she is, although they are not related.

I told El Hubs to prepare for another Pointer. I’m so captivated by her that I’m wondering if we can handle three Pointers. Would Zsa Zsa be jealous though? I couldn’t have my little sweet pea feeling jealous. I might talk to the breeder and see what she thinks.


Zeph’s daughter, Maybe, is now 6 months old and such a cute pup!


Don’t you think Maybe looks like Zsa Zsa?


Maybe back in January 2014 – just a few weeks old.