The world’s boldest foal, Saffy, is still alive after a touch-and-go incident. First of all, I should say that Saffy is no longer a foal. She’s no longer even a yearling. She’s rising three (as they say in the horsey world) or heading to three years old. But I still think of her as a foal and always will.

Miss Rosie and Saffy get on very well. Rosie is like the stern Aunt with Saffy and disciplines her far more than her own mother, Karma.

The other day though, I thought Rosie was going to have a major tantrum after Saffy snatched hay from her mouth. Believe me, there was enough hay to go round but Saffy looked at Rosie and then went in for the snatch. Normally, when the horses eat together, they all get out of the way of Rosie and then settle into eating their own slice of hay, whilst keeping a respectful distance from each other.

Obviously, Saffy missed the memo on this and fortunately I was there chilling out with the horses. I saw Saffy inching towards Rosie’s hay and told her it probably wasn’t a smart thing to do but she ignored me hahaha! Next I know, Saffy was snatching hay from Rosie and the look on Rosie’s face was priceless. She wasn’t quite sure what to do – pin her ears back and bite Saffy or allow Saffy to get away with it.

After thirty seconds of stunned silence and with hay hanging out of her mouth, Rosie decided to ignore Saffy’s faux pas and Saffy is still alive for me to tell the tale.


Saffy goes where no horse has gone before and snatches hay out of Rosie’s mouth.


The look on Rosie’s face – priceless!!