I’ve mentioned Cathy quite a few times on this blog. We’ve known each other for nearly two years now and we met when we were both doing volunteering work with horses. She’s French and here in New Zealand to study and stay with her mother’s side of the family. She has ridden Rosie, Karma and Danny. She’s a wonderful dressage rider.

Sadly, she told us a month or so ago that she will return to France in December because she misses her family so much. We count her as family now. She often stays overnight with Marty, her Spoodle, who is Zeph’s BFF. I dare not tell Zeph that Marty won’t be coming after December.

I kind of knew that Cathy would make the decision she has. We are planning to visit Europe in 2015 and we will definitely drop in on Cathy in Paris. I will really miss her and, the other day, she asked me to take a quick snap of her with Miss Rosie. I really like this photo and will treasure it.