Wow: another package has arrived from Croatia – chock full of makeup. Rosana and I “met” in an online beauty without cruelty group and we’ve exchanged several packages over the last year. New Zealand makeup and skincare is in high demand, so I send her gorgeous moisturisers and cleansers. Last package, I also included some makeup from Australia.

In this latest package, Rosana sent all Essence products. I first saw this brand whilst working in Italy and noticed the affordable but quality makeup message of the brand. I’m pretty sure it’s a European brand but don’t know anything about its origins. They have a website but don’t seem to offer online shopping.

The really irritating thing is that Farmers (NZ department store) has started to stock Essence but only in the North Island. They tell me they have no plans to carry it at Farmers in the South Island. Makes no sense to me – I think Kiwi gals would love to lay their hands on this affordable brand. Meanwhile, I have Rosana!


Can’t wait to use the Nude eyeshadow palette!