English Pointers, well male ones it seems, love to crouch down and lie in wait. For what I’m not sure but, in Zeph’s case, he was waiting for Saffy – the world’s boldest foal, who is no longer a foal but rising three.

The weekend was pretty gorgeous. A bit cool but a lovely bright blue, sunny day. So I decided to bring all the horses up to the stable area for a jolly good grooming session. My horses were looking more like mud people than equines, especially Miss Rosie who loves a roll in the mud.

I groomed for what seemed like hours. No matter how much I groom, the next day they’re covered in mud or have twigs tangled in mane or tail.

Saffy decided she wanted to explore. I let her off the halter to do this. She doesn’t run around wildly or flee back to the paddocks. She loves to spend time with me or, better yet, just have a good old explore. She was fascinated by the pile of wood near the tack room and the door leading into where we keep the wood.

We recently cut down about twelve staggeringly tall Eucalyptus trees and the wood is temporarily outside the wood shed. Saffy approached, sniffed, touched the wood with a front hoof. Then she slowly approached the door area and looked in. She got a bit of a fright – at what I’m not sure – but stood her ground and then gingerly stuck her head in the door.

I watched quietly as I groomed Miss Rosie and then noticed Zeph was very intrigued by what Saffy was doing. They get on very well although Zeph can be a bit active for Saffy sometimes. When she gets tired of his puppy-like enthusiasm, she pins her ears back and chases him.

Saffy then disappeared around the other side of the tackroom and Zeph decided to take up his lying-in-wait position. He does this when he’s stalking birds or chickens (which I hasten to add are faster than him and get away). When Saffy came around to greet me and Miss Rosie, Zeph zoomed towards her. She looked down on him as if thinking silly small creature. I then decided to trim all four horses and they now have lovely pedicures.

You wouldn’t know it this morning though, the horses are mud people again.


Saffy sticks her head into the wood shed – what’s in here she wonders?!


Zeph lies in wait!