Nothing much is going on dear reader. Well, we did get 14 enormous Eucalyptus trees trimmed to half their size a couple of weeks ago and that makes us feel a WHOLE LOT better. The trees were looming over the stables. The previous owners planted dozens of wretched Eucalyptus trees – I guess for firewood – but they had grown to enormous size by the time we arrived from Australia to live in NZ.

We’ve been here close to five years now and, every time there is a strong Nor’ Wester, we worry about how many trees will come down. The last strong winds took down a massive tree – you can see the ginormous root system in this post. We lost some willows and a lovely chestnut tree in that wind blast.

Over the weekend, we had super strong North Westerly winds and a day of rain. The winds had been huffing and puffing for a few days but Saturday was particularly bad. We hadn’t slept well for some nights due to the sound of windows and the roof rattling. Several people I spoke with suffered from the same lack of sleep and a touch of anxiety over trees coming down. At least we weren’t worried about those trees over the stables. Fortunately, nothing much happened – just a few large branches came down here and there.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa don’t like going out in the wind, so they lounged around inside most of the time. Saffy seems to love the wind. Whilst the other horses turn their backs to the wind, she boldly faces it. Her mane flies everywhere, she closes her eyes and firmly plants her four chunky hooves into the ground. There is a ton of shelter for the horses in the area they are currently grazing – trees and macrocarpa hedges. Nothing that is in danger of crashing down on them but, for some reason, they don’t always take advantage of the shelter.

Sunday night was eerily quiet. Too quiet. We wondered what was going to hit next. And then, Monday morning was bright and sunny. Zeph and Zsa Zsa ran to the arena to play and there was Saffy waiting for Zeph. They get on extremely well and when I school Saffy in the arena, they often touch noses and chill together. Zeph wanted to play with Saffy but she just wanted to sleep in the sun and have some quiet time after all that windy racket.


Zeph and Saffy get on very well.


Zeph wants to play but Saffy prefers to enjoy the sun.