Zsa Zsa would like to update her concerned followers. She recently told you about a weird spot or lump that had appeared on her nose. Out of the blue. At first, it bled (which alerted her human to the situation) and had a crater-like appearance. About a week later – during a course of antibiotics prescribed by the vet, who thought it was an infection – it seemed to be larger and more raised. It also looked like it was filled with liquid.

The human (that would be me) decided to research and found out what else it could be. Canine wart was high on the list of possibilities. Then again, it could be an infection and it was taking a bit of time to clear up. Given that Zsa Zsa always has her nose in a bale of hay, it’s possible that a sharp piece of hay pricked her nose.

I had my bets on the canine wart (which is very common with dogs) and found that boosting the immune system is a first line of attack. I also found that Thuja Oil is an alternative treatment because warts may also be caused by vaccinosis or a reaction to vaccinations. Zsa Zsa had her annual vaccination in late April. Thuja Oil contains northern white cedar and arbor vitae, which means “Tree of Life” and it is recommended to give your pet a dose of Thuja Oil within two hours after a vaccination.

So I gave Zsa Zsa 5 drops in her food morning and night for the first week; then dropped it back to once a day in the second week. Shortly after the end of week two, I saw a DRAMATIC difference in the spot. The lump was now flat and much smaller. This was also three weeks after the antibiotics, so I really don’t think they did a thing. Now, in week three, you can barely see the spot and fur is growing back.

English Pointers are also prone to skin conditions and Thuja Oil may help with redness and eruptions. I put Zeph on the oil too and I haven’t noticed an outbreak until last Friday when they went to day care. A couple of female Pointers were in season apparently and, because Zeph has all his bits, I suspect that his teenage hormones get the better of him. He comes back a little red in the groin area. We have found that Aqueous Cream soothes the area and, by the next day, the skin is pink rather than red. But I don’t want to use this cream too much as it contains SLS. Sodium Laureth and Lauryl Sulphate (aka SLS) are nasties and you can read about why here.

I’m going to experiment with a combination of Thuja Oil and ground golden flaxseed (also known as linseed). I put a tablespoon in their dinner every day. Flaxseed contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which boosts the immune system.

For those who follow this blog for Pointer information, I’ll take some photos of Zeph’s bits (non-porno ones hahaha!) to show you how his skin can flare up. Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa is extremely happy that she is once again the world’s most beautiful female English Pointer and not looking as though she has a witch’s nose full of warts!


Click on the photo to enlarge. You can barely see the spot now. It’s flat and the fur is beginning to grow back.