Been up in the North Island this last week. We’re still scouting around for a new place to live. Not now; maybe in a year or two. We stayed at a B&B and our hosts were in their 70s. Wonderful people.

In a nearby cafe, they had some newspapers from the 1950s. The one I read was from July, 1959. The most noticeable thing was the different use of language. Far more formal and stilted. And then we have the word gay. Before gay took on its current meaning, it used to denote happy, wonderful, bright or carefree. My mother used it a lot and I’d often hear her say something like we had such a gay time shopping today.

I had to chuckle when I spotted the advertisement for formica. Remember when formica was popular for kitchen benches? My childhood home was festooned with formica. So it was double fun for me when I turned the pages of the newspaper and saw the ad below (click on photo to enlarge).


So gay, so efficient!