I promised to get a photo of Splash’s calf. Not a calf anymore as he was born in early December 2013, whilst I was working in Bhutan. So he’s now nine months old.

His name is….well, I have to provide some explanation first. I was going to name him Ashton, no idea why. But a friend of ours was looking after the property at the time. She had her two pregnant cows here to keep Splash company. One of them gave birth to a beautiful boy; the other one delivered a dead calf. Apparently, she had some complications and my friend couldn’t get to her in time. She’s still here and is a very stern Auntie to our calf.

Because I was in Bhutan, my friend was joking about yaks. I only saw a yak in the zoo in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital. She had visions of yaks being everywhere in Bhutan. She started calling all her animals something-yak. So the live calf was called Rudyak because of his reddish colouring; another calf she adopted was called Sittingyak because he spent time sitting next to one of the mums.

Our calf was bestowed with the name Ashyak, which is a combination of Ashton and Yak. My friend even called her horse Not Yak. We’ve had quite a lot of fun with this yak business and I even brought her back a hat with yak fur.

But, for some reason, we don’t called our steer Ashyak. We tend to call him Little Boy. Hilarious really, since he’s now bigger than his mother, Splash.

I’ve been lurking in the bushes for the last few days, trying to get a photo of him on his own and next to his mum. He’s quite shy, although very curious. Splash allows us to cuddle her but Little Boy isn’t quite there yet. Splash we raised from a baby, so she’s very used to human contact.  Little Boy is a very handsome fellow. His dad is an Angus bull.


He has a cute white face.


His mum, Splash, is on the right.