Saffy is rising three….can’t believe it really. She’s been spending more and more time with Miss Rosie. Her mum, Karma, seems to be quite chilled about this and I often find her somewhere along the horse track system by herself, nibbling on grass, sleeping in the sun or seeking shade under a tree. The horses have a huge, walkable track that we’ve created around several paddocks and they enter a grazing paddock from the track. Only one paddock is open to them at a time and this is strip-grazed.

More often than not, I see Saffy with Rosie – usually standing right behind her. I guess Saffy is in her teenage phase of being embarrassed by her parents hahaha! The other day, I found Rosie and Saffy together on the track that passes the arena – you can see the photo below. Isn’t it the sweetest thing?

They had been mutually grooming and then just stayed together for ages. Karma was way, way down the track and didn’t join in the love fest.