Unexpectedly, dear reader, we were hit with very strong winds this week. And I mean VERY strong. Not as bad as last September’s hurricane-type winds that took down twelve pretty massive Eucalyptus trees. Thankfully.

This week’s winds seemed to come from nowhere. I check a lot of weather reports on a daily basis and, although winds were forecast, they were supposed to be light winds. Obviously, the winds missed that forecast.

They started around 6.00am and just built up from there. Zsa Zsa was too afraid to go outside and Zeph rushed out to do his business and rushed back in. We saw a large branch from a willow tree crash onto an electric fence.

The horses were very stoic about it all. Saffy was busy enjoying her feast of willow branches as they crashed around her. Once the winds died down around mid-morning, I went outside to survey the damage. Thankfully, no trees came down but a heck of a lot of willow branches were strewn around the garden area.

Willow has anti-inflammatory properties and contains a chemical called salicin that is similar to aspirin. I presume that the horses had massive migraines from the howling wind because they have been gorging on willow!


One of the many heavy willow branches that came down.


Miss Rosie was rock solid during the winds. Here she is with willow branches flapping around her and she’s not even slightly fazed.


Karma, Saffy and Rosie feast on willow.