Cathy came to visit us today – on her 23rd Birthday. That’s the good part. The bad part is that this is the last time she will visit because she is returning to France next week. She told us back in June or July that she felt the time had come for her to go home. The time seems to have flown by since then and here we are – saying goodbye. She also came to visit a few days ago – on Sunday – mainly to say goodbye to the horses and have one last ride of Danny. She’s a great dressage rider.

For her birthday, I took her to a local cafe for morning tea, then onto a gift shop to buy her birthday present. She chose some gorgeous earrings and said she will remember us every time she wears them. She gave me a beautiful pashmina that I will treasure.

We’ve known her for 2.5 years now. We met whilst both volunteering for Riding with the Disabled. She has (quite frankly) restored my faith in 20-something year olds. I have not had great experience with people in their early 20s, sad to say.

Cathy is thinking that if she doesn’t like France, she might return to NZ. I am hoping so. I joke that I should introduce her to my step-son, who is also French and 24 years old. Mmmm….might orchestrate that. Although he’s working in Colombia these days.

So it was a sad day and I will miss Cathy a lot. We both dissolved into tears 😦 But it’s time for her to be with parents, after almost 3 years in NZ, and time for her to decide on her career path. I know she will do very well no matter what she chooses in life. And I know we will meet again. Meanwhile, safe travels Cathy!


Cathy’s last ride on Danny.


Spending quiet time with Danny.


Cathy enjoys her birthday morning tea!


Gorgeous pashmina! – a gift from Cathy.