One of the things I most like about living here is the Summer sunsets. They can be spectacular. Last night it was starting to get dark at 9.35pm. I was outside with the horses and walking towards a particular part of the property. My eye caught a glimpse of a golden orange glow through the trees.

Being an Aussie, I immediately thought oh no, bushfire! For many years, during the intense heat of a Sydney Summer, I would worry that the National forest, directly behind our Aussie home, would go up in flames. In fact it once did, about 10 years before we bought the house, and one tree showed the signs of how the fire had come up between our house and the neighbour’s.

So I did a double-take and realized, nope it’s a glorious NZ rural sunset. I dropped what I was doing with the horses and ran to get my Nikon. No time for the tripod. The light was fading fast and the colours were shifting from golden orange to pale apricot. I managed to get a few shots before the light gave out.

I like this one the best because, at first glance, it really does look like the trees are on fire!

DSC_0744Saffy was curious about what I was doing. I often work with the horses at twilight because this can be an unsettling time for horses – when lions, tigers and scary things can jump on their back and attack. So it’s good to show them that they need to trust their human even when the light is fading and potential predators might be lurking in trees!