We’ve had some pretty hot days recently. I’m not complaining as I’d rather this than the NW winds we get slammed with in Spring. The heat here is different from the humidity of Sydney though I must say. Being an Aussie, I’m pretty used to hot weather but I never liked the sweltering Summers.

Here the hot weather is just that….hot. A dry heat. You actually don’t sweat it out as you do in Sydney. So, despite not really liking hot weather, I prefer the NZ heat.

Then, just as we were getting used to the warmth, along came some sort of Arctic blast. The last few days have been cold and I’ve had to break out the long-sleeved tops.

The leaves are also dropping like flies from the trees. Autumn officially starts on March 1 but that is at least six weeks away. I guess the sudden drop in temperature is causing the carpet of leaves. Looks pretty but it’s a reminder that Winter is not too far away.IMG_3664