We had a wonderful next-door neighbour in Australia – Jenny. She later moved to the Cessnock area and we kept in touch with her. In fact, when we left our house in April 2010, on the way to moving here, we spent the night at her new house before going down to Sydney. Jenny had a poodle called Winston. I didn’t think he’d still be alive but was a bit shocked to hear how he might have gone. She let him out to go to the toilet early one morning and he never returned. She suspects a large hawk carried him off as many lambs had also gone missing in the area.

So it was with great excitement that we welcomed her last week for a four day visit. She adored Zeph and Zsa Zsa – I mean, who wouldn’t?! – and loved the peace and quiet. She’s now on a two week bus tour of the North and South Islands.

Before dropping her off at the hotel, we took Jenny around Christchurch and to Governors Bay. We were THIS close to buying a property in Governors Bay but I’m kind of glad we didn’t. The area took a hit in the February 2011 earthquake and, during Summer, the roadway into Governors Bay can be busy.

The scenery though never fails to take your breath away.