Well, dear reader: Zeph’s puppies have been born. A little earlier than expected. They were born March 13 but due March 19. Zeph and Zsa Zsa were at puppy day care (psst…don’t tell them they’re no longer puppies) and, when we picked them up, there was mayhem.

The person who was looking after the kennels for the weekend is a friend of ours and has five Pointers (including Zeph’s father). She came out to tell us that Bingkey and been rushed off to the vet hours before and had a Caesarian. Five puppies were born but, sadly, one died.

The puppies are two boys – liver and white, just like their Dad – and two girls, black and white like their Mum. We had a quick look at the puppies and I quietly took an iPhone shot. Bingkey was completely out of it and the puppies were squirming and mewing (or whatever cute noise new-born puppies make).

Everyone was pretty stunned. Another friend, who is an expert on Pointers, was also there to help Bingkey recover and encourage her to feed the puppies. Last I heard, Bingkey was starting to realise O.M.G. I have babies!

I’ll get better photos over the next few weeks. Zeph now has three daughters and two sons.