Yeehah people! I’m FINALLY getting around to doing what I’ve been intending to do for years – making my own soaps and skincare. We moved to NZ nearly five years ago (where has time gone???) and I promptly went off to work in Italy for awhile and then Bhutan. I’ve also been busy raising Zeph and Zsa Zsa from wee pups and collecting horses along the way.

This year looks as though it will be quieter, although I’m in line for two consulting jobs in the United States and Hong Kong. We’ll see where that leads.

Meanwhile, I attended a soap-making course and am now whipping up my own recipes. Below you’ll see a photo of my Honey Bee soap, my lemongrass toner and facial oils (with Roman Chamomile, Geranium and Lavender essential oils and sweet almond as a carrier oil).

The lemongrass toner is spectacular if I do say so! Whilst working in Bhutan, I bought some lemongrass soap at a local market. I loved it so much that I tracked down the supplier of the lemongrass essential oil – a farmer’s cooperative. Last year, I went into agreement with them to supply me (or my new company I should say) with the soaps and bottles of lemongrass essential oil.

So I used the oil to whip up my toner and wow. Just wow. I’m now working on the website and hope to have this ready sometime in April. The name of the company? I’ll let you know that (and the story behind it) when I launch the website.


These Honey Bee soaps will cure for at least 12 weeks. I need to bevel the edges. Next batch will be Coconut and Lime soaps.


I’ve yet to design the product labels but…I made up lemongrass toners for me and El Hubs, plus two facial oils. Basically, we are doing the product testing along with friends. No testing on animals thanks.