Zeph has coined a new term: “delfie” or dog selfie. Maybe someone else has come up with this term already but, since he’s a dog, he doesn’t know. Here’s his latest delfie and he is looking very proud due to the birth of his latest progeny.


I’m a handsome devil eh?!

Zeph has also been on bed rest for a few days. Last week, he caught his paw up in one of the holes in the ground that the cows have left in the paddocks. Uneven holes left by heavy stock is called pugging and we have to wait for a bit more rain to make the ground soft enough to roll and flatten.

I rushed Zeph off to the vet because he was crying and the vet prescribed anti-inflammatories and to try and keep him quiet. What?? Keep an English Pointer quiet? But Zeph seemed to know his leg was affecting his movement. He spent a couple of days chilling and sleeping.

Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa has been very active and chasing rabbits. The photo of her below I really like. She was chasing a fluffy critter and it just looks like she’s running wild and free – well, guess she is!


Zsa Zsa runs wild, runs free.


When a Pointer is on bed rest, it means on the bed, resting!