Zeph’s sons and daughters were born on Friday, March 13. Complete surprise to everyone, including the mother, as they weren’t due until around March 19 or so. There were five pups: two boys and three girls. Unfortunately, one girl was stillborn and another girl only lived for five days. However, there are two very healthy boys and a lovely little girl pup.

They came for a visit the other day. The pup’s eyes aren’t open yet but I can already tell you that one is exactly like Zeph when he was a tiny puppy. The girl, who is black and white, is very lively and actually had an eye open when I snapped some photos with my iPhone.

Really difficult to get good shots when your subject is wriggling, squirming puppies. I did get my Nikon out over the weekend and took some photos, which I’ve yet to review.

Meanwhile, Zeph would like to show off his progeny. He thinks you’ll agree with him that he has three bonny pups.


This pup looks exactly like Zeph when he was born. Same light liver and white colouring.


This boy is a darker chocolate (or liver and white) colour and is quite the dominant one.


Here’s the wee girl. Black and white like her mum. You can just see one eye is open.