We had a visit from Barney the other day. He’s a rather stunning full Clydesdale and is rising three. Miss Rosie was VERY taken with him and so was Saffy. I expected a lot of mare squealing when Barney met Rosie and Saffy; but the mares were stunned into silence by Barney’s good looks.

Miss Rosie was too busy sniffing and Saffy was just too stunned by the size of Barney to do anything other than stare. Alas, Saffy didn’t look too presentable. She LOVES spending time in the gorse bush. We don’t have much gorse; just a patch around the stream area. When you can’t find Saffy, that’s where she is – in amongst the gorse. So she had twigs and dirt in her mane when she met Barney.

Oh well, hopefully he’ll drop by again and I’ll have the girls spruced up to meet him. Karma sort of missed out as she was up in the stables having her hooves trimmed (by me). She did spot him from a distance but preferred to nod off as I was giving her a pedicure. That’s my Karma for you.


Barney is all his glory. Stunning three year-old Clydesdale.


Barney meets Saffy. All she could do was stare at him and hope he didn’t notice the messy mane.


Miss Rosie sniffs Barney – not sure if he was impressed with this or not.