I’m spending heaps of time with Saffy these days. She is a wonderful, placid mare. A tad bossy at times but then her mum is Karma. Saffy is now three and I’ve started her schooling. She willingly accepts the saddle and, a young girl who rides Karma, has put her weight on Saffy’s back and sat on her.

Nothing has fazed this mare. When the girl was sitting on her and we walked a few steps, Saffy’s shadow was on the arena surface. That could be a scary moment for some horses who spook at their own shadow. Not Miss Saffy. She looked down at the shadow, looked back up and kept going.

Saffy is remarkably like Karma actually. Same placid, willing nature with an undertone of stubbornness. As long as you understand the stubborn part, it’s all good.

She is also spending far less time with her mum, preferring to hang around the big horse, Miss Rosie, who does not hesitate to discipline her. Both Karma and Saffy have a very healthy respect for Rosie LOL.

Up until recently, I’ve been riding Rosie but am now out with a hip condition. Yeah great. Apparently, my fall in Rome in 2012 (where I had my ankle strapped up for three months) caused me to walk slightly differently. This put pressure on my right hip, along with the muscles and nerves in the thigh area. All of this resulted in a degree of pain and the occasional limp. Physio did nothing but chiropractic treatment has made it at least 60% better. Hopefully, within a couple of months, it will be back to normal.


Saddled up and ready to start schooling.


Saffy’s selfie.