Sorry faithful reader for being somewhat absent. Where does time go? I have been busy with two short consulting gigs in Christchurch and….making my own moisturiser 🙂

Following on from making Honey Bee bar soaps, lemongrass facial toners and facial oils, I decided to try my hand at a basic moisturiser. I did a ton of research and this led me to formulating a moisturiser with honey (locally-sourced clover honey); glycerine; sweet almond oil; and lavender essential oil.

I like a thickish cream, so I whipped the mixture to the consistency of whipped cream where the peaks form in the bowl. Interestingly, this aerated the mixture and I ended up with a facial mousse that smells divine.

I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and I’m sold. I’ve now formulated recipes for all sorts of moisturisers: dry skin; combination; mature skin. I’ve also formulated a simple eye cream; a rich hair conditioner; and lip balms. Currently working on a formula for an effective facial cleanser and a shampoo.

I’ve had to source packaging and test out the sort of bottles and tubs that work best. I am not testing on animals so El Hubs and me are the major guinea pigs but I’ve also sent tubs of the moisturiser to friends to try. I sent one today up to Hamilton.

Really enjoying the process of thinking about what carrier oils to use or what essential oils would work best for certain skin types.


Whipped moisturiser. I like a crisp white cream.


The two back tubs were for friends and the two front ones for me and El Hubs.