It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on Zeph and Zsa Zsa. The dogs are now four years old; well, Zeph is 4.5 years. Their personalities are so very different.

I would describe Zeph as quirky. He’s a very social dog who loves meeting new people. Little Zsa Zsa is quieter and seems to have a phobia about kids. We have a number of friends who have young kids and, when they visit, Zsa Zsa disappears upstairs to hide. I think she sees it as an invasion of her private space.

Last week, there were a few days of miserable weather. Rain, drizzle and a bit cool. The dogs rush out and get wet. Then we have the drama of having to clean muddy paws and plonk them in front of the fire to get warm.

Zsa Zsa decided she was having none of this. She hates getting her paws wet, so she decided she was going to sleep through the weather. Zeph, on the other hand, was busting to go outside and play in the mud but realised it was too wet. So he sulked and looked bored. I think Zsa Zsa had the better plan 🙂


Zsa Zsa has a tough life!


I’m a little bored! Where’s the sun?