More stuff finished up. VERY satisfying. So let’s go through my trash shall we?!

Hair stuff. The usual Batiste dry shampoo. Nothing different. I went through the Blush floral scent and the Tropical one.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair, Repair & Gloss Treatment – this is a leave-in spray treatment and I usually travel with it because it’s easier to lug than a conditioner. Just spray and go. I like it but not wedded to it. Currently, trying out a Carol’s Daughter leave-in spray conditioner.

Cleansers. Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser. Sukin is an Australian brand and I had a small size cleanser. It’s sulphate and paraben-free with a really delightful, refreshing scent. Doesn’t dry the skin and contains chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and green tea with macadamia and evening primrose oils. Really liked it and am considering buying the large version.

Collistar Balancing Cleansing Gel. An Italian brand and I bought this cleanser during my last visit to Italy. It’s for combination skin and had a lovely citrus scent. I did find it a tad drying on the skin though. I’d certainly consider trying more from the Collistar range.

Natura Siberica Cleansing Foaming Mousse. This cleanser was sent to me by a blogging colleague in Russia and Natura Siberica is a Russian brand I’d LOVE to try more of. Really impressed with this cleanser and was sorry to use it up. One pump works up into a rich lather that wiped off makeup and left my skin feeling soft. Contains the soothing properties of Sophora Japonica and Camomilla Recutita.

Facial toner. I went through another spray bottle of the Evolu Facial Toner. I’m a great fan of this New Zealand brand, which I’ve been using on and off for six years now. I actually use this as a makeup setting spray because I make my own toner these days (with lemongrass essential oil).

Makeup removers. When I travel, I usually take a tub of the Almay eye makeup remover pads – the Soothing and De-puffing ones in the pink tub. I find these don’t sting my eyes and I only need one pad for both eyes.

Garnier Clean & Soft Cleansing Wipes. These are oil and alcohol-free and I take them with me when travelling. Very gentle on the skin, no stinging and the wipes remain moist. Will certainly re-buy.

Soaps. Yet another 32oz bottle of Dr Bronner’s Magic liquid soap, this time in Rose. You can use this soap in so many ways – shampoo, body wash, hand soap, face wash, dog shampoo and dishwashing liquid. LOVED the delicate Rose scent, which was not that Nana rose smell. I’m currently trying the Peppermint liquid soap and, sad to say, don’t like it.

Sabun Olive Oil soap. This soap is from Syria and made via traditional methods. It’s oh-so gentle and this was the Rose variety. It’s quite a clunky bar to hold as it’s basically a big square. I keep buying these soaps though because they are very creamy and mild.

Bathox Hand Wash in Milk and Honey. This 600ml bottle seemed to last for an eternity. Nothing special. Would not rush out to rebuy.

Shower gel. LUSH Twilight. This was the big 500g bottle and I think I bought it last Christmas. The Twilight shower gel is Limited Edition. I decided to try it despite being obsessed with the Rose Jam scent. Twilight is a calming, lavender scent with tonka thrown in to give it a slight vanilla whiff. Liked it a lot but not as much as Rose Jam, which I’ll stick with.

Makeup remover rounds. Yet another packet of The Body Shop’s organic cotton rounds. You get 100 rounds for $NZ 8.75. I’ve tried cheaper versions but always go back to The Body Shop because they are soft and don’t leave bits of cotton fluff all over your face. I use them to take off eye makeup.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I occasionally get around to using pore strips to get rid of deep down dirt. I always turn to Biore strips as they just seem to work.

Moreish. That’s the round tub with the Moroccan pattern on it. No idea what it is called because the name of the product rubbed off long ago. It was an all-purpose salve or balm that I quite liked. I’m not sure what happened to Moreish, which is an NZ brand, as I read they had discontinued but…they seem to be back with new packaging.

Facial Oil. Made my way through the very fabulous Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’ve already bought a second bottle. Slap some of this oil on at night, sleep the night away and wake up next morning with luscious skin. Evening primrose, along with lavender oil and squalene, help to soothe and repair. A very effective facial treatment oil with no parabens or mineral oil.

Moisturisers. Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream. I bought this in Bhutan as Himalaya Herbals is an Indian brand (pretty sure it is). Very popular in Bhutan and I bought a few products, including this cream. Contains aloe vera, grapes and tomato to soften and brighten skin. Certainly would repurchase.

Oasis Beauty Beauty Sleep. This is a New Zealand brand that I’ve used on and off for a few years. I didn’t mind this night cream but I wouldn’t say it was a great product. I also wasn’t fussed with the smell of it and didn’t see it make any difference to my skin. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Lipsticks. Revlon Colorburst Berry Smoothie Lip Butter. I have several lip butters but this is the first I’ve finished up. Loved its soft berry colour with a hint of sparkle. These lip butters glide on so smoothly but heck, a tube doesn’t seem to last long. I’d certainly buy this shade again though.

Maybelline lipstick. So old I can’t even tell you what it was but it sure smelt funky. Tossed.

Toothpastes. My usual favourites: NZ brand, Red Seal, and Aussie brand, Grants. Both SLS-free.

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