I was going through some old photo albums. Might have been better if I hadn’t because I found this photo of me when I was 17 or 18 years old. So that was about 100 years ago LOL.

I’ve never been one for smiling in photos. HATE my photo taken and will do anything to avoid it. Hence, the grumpy look on my chops. I went through a phase of highlighting my hair because I wanted blonde hair. Clearly, that’s what’s going on in this photo.

I cannot account for the bad fashion sense though. The fashion police didn’t exist way back then šŸ™‚ I am pretty sure that’s a white jumpsuit I’m wearing, along with a red plastic choker thingo and bangles. Funny, I never wear necklaces now; haven’t for years. So looking back on this photo, it’s interesting to see how your personal taste can change over the years.

I think I am leaning on the family Datsun, which was orange with a black roof. I was probably off to pick up my grandparents and drive them back to our house for lunch. They shifted from Avalon to Hornsby when my grandmother had a stroke at 84 or 85 years old and they used to have lunch with us on Sundays at our family home in Pymble. So that was about a 25 min drive up to Hornsby and then back.

When I passed by driver’s licence, Dad used to let me drive to my grandparent’s place to get them. Not sure if my grandparents lived in fear of my driving – they never said a word – but I do remember them sitting in the car very quietly LOL.