Sorry dear reader. I’ve been somewhat busy the last week or so. I’m participating in an online creative writing course. Finally going to write that fiction novel I’ve always threatened to pen.

I do, however, have time to talk about my favourite things in makeup. I find myself turning to these products on a daily basis, so I thought I’d share them with you.

NARS. I finally succumbed and bought the cult Ita Kabuki brush. This is a contouring brush due to its narrow rectangular shape and is supposed to give you those supermodel sculpted cheeks. I held off buying this for ages as I wanted to read reviews and see how well it performs by watching YouTube beauty videos.

The bristles are natural goat hair and they are soft. The design is sleek and it does a great job of giving a subtle contour and also makes blending a breeze. Did I say blending? Yep, this is where the Ita excels. Due to the longer goat hair bristles, I find it allows for bronzer to be applied to a specific, narrow area but, by turning the brush onto its side, you can blend in seconds. It’s an expensive brush – NZ $88.00 but is SO worth it.

The second NARS product I succumbed to was the Paloma Contour Blush. This is one of three contour blushes from NARS. Paloma is the middle shade – the other two being Olympia (lightest) and Gienah. The light shade in the duo is a highlighter and the dark shade is the contouring blush. Paloma is a dusky rose and the higlighter is a pink beige.

First thing I’ll say is that the powders are VERY silky and finely milled. I did worry that Paloma might be too muddy for my NC15 skin but nope, it’s perfect. Best to start off with a light dusting and build up from there. I’m not that fussed about the highlighter though. It’s a bit meh and I might see how it goes as an eyeshadow. I use Paloma with the ITA brush.

Maybelline. O.M.G. Who would have thought Maybelline would release such an outstanding eyeshadow palette as The Nudes. It finally arrived in New Zealand about a month ago and, after watching some YouTube videos, I decided to pounce. I use it EVERY day; it’s THAT good.

It costs NZ$30.00 and you get 12 natural eye shadows in a sturdy, travel-friendly palette. What I really like is how the shades are grouped as quads, trios and duos. You are not getting the quality of Urban Decay or Stila eye shadows but you are getting a very useable palette. The shadows feature a mix of satin, frost and matte shades.

The lighter shades aren’t very pigmented; they’re a little too sheer for my liking. But the darker shades, plus the bronze and gold eye shadows are beautiful. I am hoping this is part of Maybelline’s permanent line and I’m waiting for the release of the Blushed Nudes palette.

Stila. My favourite bronzer is NARS’ Laguna along with my new Paloma contour blush. I saw the Stila Stay All Day Bronzer for Face & Body in Light on YouTube (got to stop watching beauty videos hahaha!) and thought it looked very natural. Sure is. It comes in a sleek palette with a large mirror and the powder is velvety. It certainly stays on all day and gives a very natural glow. Love it.

Crown brush. I bought the IB120 Jumbo Kabuki fan brush from Crown brushes about six months ago. I adore this brush and use it for powder, blush and bronzer (when I’m not using the ITA for contouring). It’s made from Italian badger hair and sweeps on bronzer or blush and then fans it out easily. I can’t recommend this brush enough!!

NARS Ita brush.


NARS Paloma Contouring Blush.


Maybelline The Nudes palette.


Crown brush IB120 Jumbo Kabuki Fan and Stila bronzer.


The Stila embossing will disappear soon because I use this bronzer so much!!