Can you believe it? Zeph is five today. The last time I looked, he was two. Last Saturday, he injured the toe on his left paw. This is an ongoing thing with him. About twice a year, he hurts this particular toe and has to be on Metacam for a few days, as well as resting. Yeah right: try to get an active male English Pointer to rest.

He visited his favourite vet this week and you’d think the vet was trying to murder him the way he REFUSED to have his paw looked at. But the vet is more cunning than Zeph and eventually he was able to examine the toe and paw. He told us about an operation that he could do. I didn’t want to listen but I think it has something to do with cutting off the toe!

Racing dogs like greyhounds and high-energy dogs like English Pointers, who run around like mad things, are prone to fractures, dislocations and general toe injuries. I think what happened is that Zeph jumped up onto the wall of the hay barn. He loves to bark at a pesky pigeon family that lives up in the eaves. I think this slams his paws against the wall and he probably injured his toe this way. Sigh.

Well, Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy, Zeph. He’s the most amazing, gentle dog and such a fun, quirky personality. I asked him to pose for this birthday photo – very regal!