Poor Zeph. We’re not sure what happened, but we were doing some work around the tack room area. We make sure that in the tack room, there is nothing sharp for the dogs to cut themselves on. They love going in and out, exploring.

We noticed Zeph standing in a pool of blood, not that much thankfully, but enough to get him carted off to the vet. He then spent the next four days with a bandage around one of his hind legs.

Seems he cut himself on the inner paw area. The sort of area that is hard to heal because it keeps opening up when you move.

I wanted to get cold laser therapy done, but the person couldn’t come for a week. So I treated it with some emu oil and we kept it clean.

You would have thought someone was murdering him. He looked miserable all the time and just sat around looking forlorn. Not even a juicy bone could cheer him up.

After five days, the bandage came off and he was back to normal!