Yep, more empties people – so very satisfying. Been powering through stuff, so let’s have a look at my trash shall we?!IMG_7577

Hair Stuff. More Batiste, of course. This time, I tried the new (to New Zealand) Neon Lights Pomegranate and Jasmine scent. Couldn’t tell the difference from other scents to be honest, but Batiste does the job between washes. I also used up another can of VO5 Refresh Me Quick dry shampoo. This is much cheaper than Batiste, so I buy a few cans of VO5 in between Batiste. Really like its soft scent and it’s nearly as good as Batiste.

I finally used up a can of L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold hairspray. I bought this on my last trip to Portugal, I think in 2008. Been holding onto it for sentimental reasons. Used it up and have bought another can. Best hairspray in my view. Although I don’t use hairspray often, I’ve used Elnett for years.

Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner. Another sentimental product. I bought this whilst living in Bhutan back in early 2014. It’s a rich conditioner with a subtle scent. By sheer coincidence, just as I was sad to finish it up, I found an Indian market in Christchurch that sells Himalaya Herbals products, including this conditioner. Happiness!!

Fudge Colour Lock Conditioner. Quite liked it but hated the fussy pink and black tube with a ton of writing on it. Won’t repurchase though because it didn’t really do much for my hair.

L’Oreal Paris Elvital Volume Collagen Root Lifting Spray. This is my third bottle I think. I bought this lifting spray to replace my HG volumising spray, David Babaii for Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray, which has been discontinued. Does a good job of giving my fine hair some volume and is light-weight.

Body Butters. Finished up two body butters from The Body Shop (TBS). I’ve used TBS body butters for years and years; I don’t think there is anything better. Super-rich and creamy. This time I indulged in an Olive body butter and the Cocoa Butter one. I loved both. The Olive has a lovely fruity scent. This was the first time I’ve tried the Cocoa Butter scent (I usually buy the Shea Butter) and wow, what a heavenly scent. I’d certainly buy both again. Right now though, I have to make my way through a Shea Butter, Frosted Cranberry and a Raspberry body butter.

Inecto Pure Coconut Body Lotion. Pretty sure this is a UK brand. Nowhere near as good at TBS body butter, but sometimes I want a lighter body lotion. Pretty good coconutty scent. Would certainly buy this again.

Dusting Powder. I rarely use dusting powder, but when I saw the Lavendula lavender powder, it reminded me of my mother. I must say the powder puff is very soft and the talc has a lovely soft lavender scent. Quite liked it.

Soap & shower stuff. Decided to try a liquid hand wash from the EcoStore (NZ brand) – grapefruit and mint scent. Their soaps are plant and mineral based and clean pretty well. But…I find them watery in comparison to my beloved Dr Bronner’s liquid soaps.

Sabun Olive & Laurel Oil Soap. This soap is from Syria and made via traditional methods. It’s oh-so gentle and this was the Rose variety. It’s quite a clunky bar to hold as it’s basically a big square. I keep buying these soaps though because they are very creamy and mild.

Another Pearl Natural Sandalwood soap from Fiji is used up. These bars are enriched with 100% pure coconut oil and they have no animal fats or sodium laurel/laureth nasties. LOVE and have been through countless bars.

Yet another Nivea Natural Oil. I brought many of them back from my time living in Rome. I keep thinking I have only one left, but then find another one hahaha. I really like this shower gel – a delicate, distinctive scent. Wish it was available in New Zealand.

Skin stuff. Finally, I finished up a LARGE Estee Lauder Soft Clean toner. I’ve had this for ages. It’s nothing special in my view, but decided it had to go, so I diligently made my way through it. Wouldn’t repurchase. I currently love a toner I make myself – from rosewater, witch hazel and organic lemon grass essential oil I buy from Bhutan.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. I always have a packet of cleansing wipes around and take them with me when we travel. I’d say the Simple brand is my favourite, as the wipes don’t sting my eyes and effectively take off makeup and grime.

I also finished up a day and night cream from Russian brand, Natura Siberica. Sent to me by my Russian pal who now lives in Italy! This is a great brand and these creams were from the Saphora Japonica range, which contains wild harvested and organic Chamomile extracts. I’d LOVE to try their Royal Caviar Revitalizing Face Serum.

Sad, but I also finished an eye cream I bought in Italy. It’s the L’Erbolario Crema Contorno Occhi or eye contour cream with camellia and grape seed. Loved it. Rich and nourishing around the eye area. If only I lived in Italy!!

Aura Cacia Grapeseed Skin Care Oil. I have a number of oils that I use for the face, body and hair. My current one is coconut oil by Cococare. For some reason, the Aura Cacia grapeseed oil went off when I was about three-quarters of the way through the bottle. Would buy again though. Very rich and soothing.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water. You hear a lot about this product on YouTube. I liked it but wouldn’t rave about it. Effective at taking off eye and face makeup and is great for sensitive skin. But I reckon the Garnier micellar water does a better job and is much cheaper.

Lavera Basis All-Round Cream. Really loved this product with its delicate lemony scent. With organic jojoba, almond and shea butter, you can slap this cream on anywhere you like. I mainly use it as a hand cream and I like how it comes in a large round tin. Easy to dispense and travel with.

Makeup. I have so much makeup, sad but true. So it takes me ages to finish up an eyeshadow or a bronzer. I did manage to make my way through three MAC eyeshadows – my favourites – Orb, Naked Lunch and Mylar. I always have Naked Lunch and Orb on the go and like to use it with MAC Bronze in the crease. I do think that Makeup Geek eyeshadows are better than MAC and tend to use them more to be honest.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Very Fair/Light. Great for the under-eye area but not as good as the Maybelline Fit Me concealer (which I reckon is a good dupe for NARS’ radiant creamy concealer).

Almay One Coat Triple Effect mascara. This is my third tube I think. I find Almay is an under-rated brand amongst beauty gurus on YouTube. This mascara does the basics for me very well – glides on in one coat, doesn’t clump or smear, and adds a bit of volume. Dying to get my hands on the Almay Intense I-Color Everyday Neutrals eyeshadow trio in 110 for blue eyes, but Farmers is always sold out.

Deodorant & toothpaste. Yet another tube of Red Seal Natural Toothpaste. A great herbal flavour. I’ve been using Red Seal for years. And I finished up another crystal deodorant. I refuse to use any deodorant that has aluminium (or aluminum) in it. There’s no need to slap nasty stuff on your armpits when you can use a simple stick deodorant made from a natural mineral salt crystal. One of these crystal deodorants lasts well over a year.