If you have horses, then you’ll know that thrush can be a problem. It’s a bacterial infection that eats away at the frog on the horse hoof. You know a horse has thrush due to the smelly hoof and a blackish crust or ooze on the surface. Thrush is caused by moist conditions (such as horses hanging around in muddy paddocks during Winter). It can also be triggered by dirty areas, such as stables that aren’t cleaned out regularly.

Over the years, Karma is my only horse to suffer from thrush. Whilst it’s just a mild case, it’s something I’ve wanted to knock on the head. So I’ve tried the standard treatments: Thrush Buster, Stockholm Tar, White Lightning, copper sulfate and Milton tablets. Copper sulfate is the best of the bunch, but it still didn’t kill off the thrush.

What did? Something out of the bathroom. Listerine! Yes folks, I’ve found another use for good old Listerine. I was looking at it one day and thought – it’s antibacterial and is said to “kill germs that cause bad breath.” So why not kill germs that cause thrush?

I slapped some on Karma’s front hooves and, within two days, the thrush was hasta la vista baby. I held onto her hoof to let the Listerine dry and that was the treatment. Easy. Since the other treatments can be expensive, I’m going to continue to use Listerine to combat Karma’s thrush (should it return).

None of my horses are stabled (despite having stables) and I keep them in a race or paddock paradise (which you can read about here). This minimises the possibilities of thrush but, of course, when the rain sets in and mud is around, you have moist, damp conditions.

Hopefully, Listerine will come to the rescue now that I’ve found such a budget-friendly, easy solution to nasty thrush.


Saffy hopes she doesn’t need to receive The Listerine Treatment.