What do you reckon Dear Reader? Think I should cook these up for dinner tonight?

I haven’t seen these sorts of mushrooms on the property before. I’ve seen other types of mushrooms – like these and these red and white spotted numbers. When I saw that last mushroom in the front yard, I nearly had hysterics as I was pretty sure (after Dr Googling) it was a toxic Fly Agaric.

As luck would have it, a high school mate of mine is an expert on fungus. Even has a PhD in fungi. We recently reconnected following a high school reunion in Australia (which I didn’t attend). She saw my name on the list and then found me on Facebook. We had a Skype chat and it was like yesterday talking to her. The years just melted away.

So I posted the photo below to her page and she told me that the mushrooms look the Armillaria species, which grow on living wood/roots. She also advised not to eat them – ah, wasn’t planning to anyway!