Busy few weeks loyal readers! Sorry for the lack of posts. A couple of weeks ago, there were prophecies of doom and gloom in the area. We were expecting snow but no-one knew how much of the white stuff was going to hit us. TV news reports implied it could be heavy and, a local farmer I know, said that the pattern of Winter was like 1992.

Snowfall back in 1992 is legendary in the area of NZ where I live. It’s referred to as the Big Snow and over 1 million animals died. So everyone was a tad nervous and busy stocking up on essentials like water and tinned goods.

It turned out to be a non-event. The snowflakes hit the ground and melted pretty much straight away. I’ll be very happy not to see snow this year. Being Australian (from Sydney), it was a novelty for the first year or two. Now, it’s pretty much ho-hum and a nuisance when it melts.

Once we move up North, we’ll be thankful not to see snow. Although we know we’ll have to contend with more rain.