No!! It’s been over a month since I last posted. I cannot believe it. It’s been a busy month I must say. I will try and get my act together and blog more.

Meanwhile, there’s been movement with The Mares. Miss Rosie has gone to a friend’s place to be with a Shire stallion. Yes, she will be having a foal. Rosie is half-Shire so the foal will be three-quarters Shire. Alas, the foal won’t get a passport. Shires have special passports that identify them because the breed is endangered.

Karma has also gone to my friend’s place because the grass on our property has exploded. Lush spring grass contains sugars that can result in an imbalance in a horse aka they get fizzy, spooky and fat.

So my friend and I decided it would be best for Karma to go to fat boot camp for six weeks. In return, I have three of her Shire horses grazing with me. No problems about the grass with them. One is a 10-month-old gray Shire – he will be an amazing stallion. I can’t get over how cute he is.

Saffy has remained with me and is grazing with the young fella and another Shire. Too funny to see tiny Saffy trying to groom a huge Shire.

For the first day or so, I felt sorry for Saffy as she clearly missed her mum, Karma, and her auntie, Rosie. But it’s also good for her to be in with a huge Shire mare, because Saffy needs to learn about horse hierarchy. Her mum dotes on her too much and Rosie is the only disciplinarian. Saffy has grown into a delightful young lady but…she can be headstrong.

I’ve noticed that the Shire mare has taken over as Boss Mare and Saffy is learning fast!



Before Karma went to boot camp, she told Zeph that she’d be back soon!