Lots of change going on dear reader, hence the lack of posts. We have sold our property and will be moving to the North Island. El Hubs prefers warmer climes and I have family up in the North Island. So we are busy packing or rather culling.

It’s amazing what you accumulate over the years. We’ve been here nearly 8 years now and some stuff I brought over from Australia – well, I haven’t even used. I am donating a lot of clothes. When you live on a farm, you just don’t need black pencil skirts or corporate jackets. I’ll keep you posted on the move as we go.

This means I’ll have to change the name of this blog! Haven’t decided yet what I’ll call it.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa will travel up with us in the pet mobile. I am a bit nervous about Zeph as he doesn’t like car travel very much. We will stop off along the way at pet-friendly caravan parks and motels. The Mares will go by horse transport and I have someone at the other end who will offload them.

I am looking forward to living up North. I don’t mind the cold climate of the South Island but it will be lovely to see the huge ferns that grow up in the North Island and have warmer Summers. Speaking of which – we are still waiting for Summer to arrive here and it’s nearly Autumn.

Zephs contemplates The Move.

Zeph contemplates The Move.