Well, Dear Reader! I’ve been offline a bit due to no Internet connection. We moved into The Shed (as I call it) on April 22 (after nearly 3 weeks in the pet-friendly motel) and then spent the next 10 days or so trying to get connected to the outside world.

We had to get the telecom company here in New Zealand to give us a phone connection thingo. This is technical jargon for some wire that they embed in the earth after having dug around a fair bit 🙂 Then, we had to get a long trench dug from this connection to The Shed. After trying to find a contractor to do this, El Hubs gave up and dug it himself, with me laying the phone cable in the trench.

Then….the real circus began. We needed the same telecom company to come back and do its thing. They were supposed to be here April 26 but it was a no show. El Hubs rang on April 27 and they said Yes, Sir we’ll be there today. You guessed it – another no show. We were shopping for food on April 29 and we get a frantic call from the technician to say he’s on the property and where are we?

We rush back and the technician fiddles around and leaves us saying you need VDSL. We go get VDSL and then ask the telecom company to come again because it wasn’t working. The company says you need VDSL. Ah yes, we have that now, we reply: thanks to your technician telling us. Then they say Nope, not our issue; it’s your service provider. So we ring them and they say No, the telecom company will sort this out.

Flummoxed, El Hubs decided to fiddle around and lo and behold, connected us. What a legend. He rings the telecom company back to cancel the request for them to come out again.

So now I can bring you photos of The Shed. We are still tarting it up though. Our 10 solar panels are fired up and give us light, and we are off-the-grid yeah!! We have two water tanks that hold 45,000L each, so we now have water. We use gas for hot water and we bought a huge Weber BBQ, which is amazing – I’m sure it could dance if I asked it to. We boil up our water for coffee on it; produce pizzas and BBQ chook; we’ve even baked a cake in it.

After two weeks of living in The Shed, I can tell you that I prefer the smaller scale of things. Our house down South had two-storeys but, in The Shed, everything is compact. The dogs love the property and their new home.

We are still decorating but I will show you the inside of The Shed soon.

The Shed, nestled in the landscape, with a contractor’s truck outside. You can see the two water tanks to the right of The Shed.

The dogs are far more active here. Zsa Zsa is exhausted from all the running and sniffing. We let her rest in our truck, which is one of her most favoured of places.

Long-distance view of The Shed – I took this photo from the bank of one of the streams.

We have to pave from the bottom of the property up to The Shed. It’s about 400m, so quite a bit to pave. We could have left it but, with the rain you get in the North, the driveway up to The Shed can get very muddy. We have been stuck a couple of times already. This is the first layer of paving and you can see Zeph and Zsa Zsa trying it out!!